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Our Filmmaking Expertise:

Smooth, dynamic camera movement that utilizes blocking action, composition, lighting concerns, and a comprehensive knowledge of constructing a visual film narrative.

Performed by UAV pilot with both professional production and post-production experience in commercials, TV and film.

Our UAS Technologies Expertise:

Over 140 hours of UAV flight hours.

Knowledge and application of multi-rotor mechanics and flight computer programming.

Experienced filming in both urban and rural environments.

Our Equipment:

DJI Inspire 1 (X5)
Lens: 12mm, 15mm, 17mm, 25mm, 45mm
Dual Operator Controls
Handheld Steady Rig for X5 (Osmo with focus knob and Z-axis attachment

100% success rate in obtaining FAA Authorizations

2017 InterDrone Film Festival Winner - Cityscapes & Architecture Category



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When Mark began experimenting with remote controlled quad copters two years ago, he did so with the intention of using them professionally. To get a deeper understanding the vehicles, he built two quad copters. This also gave him the skills to repair them in the field. He then focused on developing his piloting skills, accumulating over 100 flight hours and earning his certified remote pilot license.  

 Without question, both his professional work in film & TV visual effects and prior production experience in the camera department, informs and elevates his work as a UAV/aerial cinematographer. He has been working with moving images in some shape or form for 30 years. The time he's spent as a VFX compositor gives him detailed knowledge of the post processes that digital imagery will be subjected to after being shot; for example, color adjustments as well as the additional footage that is potentially useful for visual effects removals and sky replacements.

 Also, coming from the world of computer animation gives him the experience of working with tools that are in many ways similar to that of UAVs. Here, Mark's technical ability to program repeatable flight paths and camera moves with the UAV serves as a valuable skill set for shooting multiple takes.

Now I can combine the technological capabilities of UAVs that provides us with a greater degree of freedom in the “real” world with my post production “virtual” computer effects skills. It’s very exciting to execute the kind of shots on my own with just a drone & its camera that until recently would have either taken have a large crew or a small army of VFX artists to achieve. While piloting the drone, I’m always searching for the most dynamic way to move the camera within the constraints of the environment. The use of computers and a programmed flight path is very useful in surmounting some of these constrains.
— Mark Tamny, AIR
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